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Bringing together fashion brands and personal identity

Drape is a series of screens that are inlaid with mirrors, ads, or are simply empty. These screens act as a framing lens to capture images of personal fashion identity and show them alongside predetermined ideals of fashion and beauty.

Is there a space that can be created that not only projects the identity of the fashion brand in a relatable way, but also incorporates the fashion identity of the user, ultimately creating connections between both?

New York fashion Week has taken place at Lincoln Center Plaza in Manhattan, New York since 2006 when it was moved from it’s previous location in Bryant Park. Fashion Week is a week long fashion event that provides a platform for designers and fashion houses to present their new collections to the world. While inside the fashion tents is the “art show“, outside on the plaza is the true fashion circus made of bloggers, editors, enthusiasts, photographers, and the like.

In the modern era, the pavilion bridges the gap between the city and the garden. The pavilion became an element of urban public gardens. In its double usage, the pavilion was then, fully, a place of modern spectacle. As both display for the commerce of world expositions and quintessential architecture of garden spectacle, the pavilion was architecture made theater. A site of public display, a place of circulation for people and goods, the pavilion was a spectacular architecture that embraces the very spectacle of modern life.

Facade Pattern Development

Using a script in the Adobe Illustrator plugin 'Scriptographer', I pixelated the images of various street style images into hexagons. I then took these hexagonal grids and hand manipulated them based on color values to determine voids and solids. Taking this resulting grid and adding thickness by 3D modeling it, I was able to create screens from the images of the fashion girls.

So, therefore the images of the people of fashion week make up the facade for the external image of fashion week.